Monday, 23 September 2013

hakespeare contextualised for contemporary audiencesThen a sub-heading: Three examples of how Shakespeare plays have been adapted to suit modern audiences

has been modernised into lion king a childs addaption with animals portraying the charecters the colours are bright and colourful this is to entice a new audince still telling the story of shakespear.
its set in africa its almost like a dream state utopia and the music sound score is light and fun creates emotions.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Task 2: Use your research skills to create a character from London in the year 1612.
They must be one of the following:
·      A theatre goer - choose between poor, middle class or aristocratic
·      A vendor at the theatre
·      An actor (young and inexperienced, or an old hand)
·      A theatre company “Shareholder”
·      Name
·      Job (some detail about a typical working day)
·      What transport (if any) they use
·      What their home is like (how big, how many rooms, is there a garden? etc.)
·      What props and costumes have they (seen) used in the theatre?
·      What they like about the theatre

my household 

Name:  lady Katherine Painter
age: 25yrs old
job : i am a newley wed who who is incharge of running the household known as  painter manor not only that i come form a background of money 
her day starts with tea in the parlour with a light breakfast joined by my husband lord bradford painter and two children andrea and  elias  followed by a meeting with my household staff later after practising the piano or sowing a dress or making a trip to town for cloth and other stuff leaving  my children with their nanny. I shall help the staff prepare for dinner i like to be involved with what we eat i shall then tend to the children and put them to bed where i would usually read in the confinements of my bedroom along side my husband our house you see consists of . if its a rather special occasion  me and my family may take a trip to london by our own personal hourse and carrige where we will stay at at our second home  to see a show at the theartre by william shakespear  at luchtime i love the theartre  i love  the excitment and esxapism that it brings when watching i always have done last year well for christmas i saw macbeth wich is was gastly they incorperated witches with couldrons and there was death involved.